Stages 43+ Delayed

Due to the numerous ongoing delays in global shipping as a result of the pandemic, Eaglemoss does not have any stock of Stage 45 of our 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D partwork model. Or, at least that is what I am being told. Either way, our build is delayed again.

I have seen other builders over in the UK have received up through Stage 58, so at least I know what is coming up. We will finish the top of the saucer hull and most of the port warp nacelle by the end of Issue 15. We can also look forward to starting on the lower skeleton of the saucer.

In the meantime, I am going to play around with some lighting ideas for the warp nacelles and see what I can come up with. More soon…

UPDATE November 17, 2021: I received a shipping notification that Stages 43-46 are on the way!

UPDATE November 18, 2021: On Facebook, Eaglemoss Collections Customer Service USA posted this update today with more info:

Good morning,
I wanted to provide a stock update on this collection and explain why some customers are “held” on shipments currently.
There is no stock available for the following stages as of this morning:
If you next shipment includes one of the above stages than I am sorry to say that we will not be able to dispatch until the stock is available.
Looking for the silver lining – stage 20 is due into port today, stage 26 should be in-bound to the warehouse and stage 52 will be booked in as available stock soon.
Once these stages are in the system, your shipments will resume as normal. If you are not waiting on the above stages and have not received a parcel for some time this may be due to a “free bonus” item being out of stock.
USA subscriptions are set up differently from the EU/UK and any “free bonus” items are locked into the cycle, this means the service team are not able to skip if out of stock.
I arranged for the introduction of an IOU notice as a trail run, this has now been adopted for most of our subscriptions. If any “free bonus” item is out of stock an IOU will be included and once that item is available, it will be included in your next parcel.
The highest stage we have in stock now is stage 58 with stages 59 to 70 due to reach US soil between now to the 5th of Dec.
We advise that there is at least a minimum of 14-day difference from port to warehouse and once on site the stock will be booked into our system.
I hope the above helps to explain the current situation for this build
Kind regards,
N.B. any dates provided are subject to change

UPDATE November 23, 2021: I have just received Stages 43-46 and also learned that Stages 47-50 are on the way!

Special Issue #1

Throughout the subscription build of their 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D model, Eaglemoss offered various ‘Special Issues’. An opt-out email was typically sent in advance, but these specials were automatically sent and were billed in addition to the monthly subscription if no action was taken.

The first of these Special Issues is this Enterprise Shuttles – Set 1. This is a boxed set containing two large-scale replica models of shuttlecraft as seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. Each shuttlecraft model is about 5″ long (12.7 cm) and includes:

  • A display stand with the shuttlecraft name on the bottom (basic assembly required – it just snaps together).
  • A 5.75 x 7.25″ (145 x 185 mm) magazine containing information about the shuttlecraft, plan views, a two-page Okudagram schematic, the episodes that shuttlecraft was shown in, and how it was designed.
  • A 4.74 x 3.125″ (120 x 80 mm) transparent plastic Okudagram of the shuttle’s ‘Master Systems Display’ schematic with two small black supports to hold it upright.

Type 15 Shuttlepod – El-Baz

“The Type 15 shuttlepod was one of a number of small, short-range, sub-light shuttlecraft, which made up the complement of ancillary vehicles found on Galazy-class, Nebula-class, and Renaissance-class starships.”

I cut a piece of white printer paper to the same shape as the plastic Okudagram card and placed it behind it. It is not a huge difference, but it does make it a bit easier to read:

Type 6 Shuttlecraft – Goddard

“The Type 6 shuttle was one of seven different designs of shuttlecraft or shuttlepod that were assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It was classified as a personnel shuttle and was exactly six meters long.”

In the same way, I placed a piece of white printer paper behind this Okudagram as well:


These shuttles cost me $60 USD including shipping, but are actually quite detailed. They are also larger than the most of the ships you receive as part of the separate Eaglemoss Star Trek Official Starfleet Collection subscription. As for materials, they are not quite die-cast metal, but more of a heavy resin with clear paintwork and printed-on details. The Goddard also has some really nice weathering on it, but the El-Baz is very clean. I do like the small Okudagram placards, but they would surely benefit from some backlighting.

My only small gripe is in regards to the display stands. They are just a simple flat base that does not connect to, or fit into, the shuttlecraft in any way (like most of the Starfleet Collection bases do). Since the shuttles just sit on top of them they could easily be knocked off, so take care when positioning these in your collection:

All in all, I am enjoying these larger shuttlecraft models and I look forward to the next Special Issue shuttles. I have heard that it might be the Enterprise Shuttles – Set 2 including the Type 6 Hawking and the Captain’s Yacht Calypso. Very exciting!