With more wiring than any other partwork I have ever built, this U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D build can truly test our determination to finish the model. I thought I would take some time to help explain the electrics in our model with details and diagrams on what each piece is, how they work, and what wire is used where.

Disclaimer: This page may not be 100% accurate, but I have done the best I could. As with all electrical devices, take care when making connections and pay attention to what goes where. Do not connect anything with the power switched on and nothing should be forced together. Neither I, nor Fanhome, are responsible for any damage to your model. Just be careful and have fun!

NOTE: I have not received all of the model parts as of this writing, so this information will be updated as the parts arrive. Also, this page contains data about the stock build of the Enterprise D and not the extensive Model Remodel changes I am doing separately.

The Batteries

Due to its ability to separate, our Enterprise D model is powered by six (6) different battery packs requiring fifteen (15) individual batteries. These packs provide between 4.5 and 6 Volts DC to the various PCBs used by the lighting circuits.

  • Saucer Section Port (left) = 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Saucer Section Starboard (right) = 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Neck Section = 3 x AAA Batteries
  • Battle Section (Stardrive/Engineering) = 2 x CR2032 Button Cells
  • Port Warp Nacelle = 2 x CR2032 Button Cells
  • Starboard Warp Nacelle = 2 x CR2032 Button Cells

The Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

There are at least nine (9) PCBs used during the construction of our Enterprise D model. Each PCB has either a wired connection or provides multiple sockets for connecting the lighting. Here is a list of each PCB and the assembly stage in which they arrive:

The majority of these boards simply provide basic power distribution and the resistors for each lighting socket. For example, all of the 4-pin sockets marked ‘A’ on the Saucer, Neck, and Battle Section PCBs can receive the 4-pin plug for any lighting that should be steady lit (such as Deck Panel windows). The same goes for all of the 2-pin sockets marked ‘B’ on the Saucer PCBs. This may make things easier if you want to re-organize your wiring during the build.

Importantly, there are special sockets on two of the PCBs that contain extra circuitry to flash the connected lights on and off:

  • The sockets marked ‘W’ and ‘G/R’ on the Saucer PCB 1 (for the saucer’s side and rear red/green navigation lights)
  • The socket marked ‘D’ on the Battle Section PCB (for the main rear navigation lights)

As for the Neck’s flashing navigation lights, this is due to a circuit embedded in the Battle Section Lights (22L) cable. Likewise, the Nacelle navigation lights flash due to a circuit embedded in each Nacelle Light Strip. Unfortunately, with all of these separate flashing circuits, it means the various formation lights around the starship are likely to flash at different speeds/intervals once turned on. I did write up a separate article on how you can optionally modify the PCBs to stop the blinking if you are interested – check out my No Blink Mod.

The Lighting

All of the lighting in the model is provided by LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that are either pre-wired to plugs or surface mounted on PCBs.

The wired versions contain between one and three 3VDC Cool White 2x3x4mm rectangular LEDs connected to a 2 or 4 pin 1.25mm pitch JST female plug. These plugs are then attached to the male sockets on the PCBs as the build progresses. Surface mounted LEDs can be found on the Main Impulse Engine Light PCB and the Warp Nacelle Light Strip PCBs.

The Wiring

All of the wiring in the model is color-coded, but this is basically just to help find wires when you need to. In cases where the instructions say fit a specific LED on a multi-LED cable to a certain notch/location, the other LED could also also be used – the LEDs themselves are all the same.

To help see where to install each cable plug (by part number), I created these diagrams of the main socketed PCBs. This is based on if you are following the wiring plan images in the magazines:

Furthermore, I chased down every wire I could to determine what it is for and where it goes. So far, here is what I have found:

IssueStagePart #LEDsPinsTo Part(s)Part Name/LocationPCB NamePCB Socket(s)
1101T2401FDeck Two Front WindowsSaucer 2A
1101U2401H/57AEmergency Flush Vent Left/Ventral CenterSaucer 2A
1101V2401CBridge BaseSaucer 2A
2303G2403BDeflector DishBattle SectionA
2303H-231DSaucer Battery Box 1Saucer 1OUT1
2404J2404IDeck Panel U3-09Saucer 1A
2404J2404HDeck Panel U3-10Saucer 1A
2404J2404HDeck Panel U3-10Saucer 1A
2909E2409DNeck Upper Windows LeftNeckA
31010F2410ENeck Upper Windows RightNeckA
41111D2411B/12CNeck Rear WindowsNeckA
41111E2411B/12CNeck Rear WindowsNeckA
41414D1214DMain Impulse Engine LightNeckB
51818F2418ADeck Panel U1-05Saucer 1A
51818F2418ADeck Panel U1-05Saucer 1A
61919E2419ADeck Panel U3-11Saucer 1A
61919E2419ADeck Panel U3-11Saucer 1A
61919E2419ADeck Panel U3-11Saucer 1A
61919E2419ADeck Panel U3-11Saucer 1A
62020E2420ADeck Panel U3-12Saucer 1A
62020E2420A/37BDeck Panel U3-12/U3-13Saucer 1A
62020G0215CNeck Battery BoxNeckIN
62121I2420A/37BDeck Panel U3-12/U3-13Saucer 1A
62222F--PCBsNeck PCBNeck-
62222K2422BDeck Panel U3-08/U3-09Saucer 1A
62222K2404IDeck Panel U3-08/U3-09Saucer 1A
62222L34NeckNeck Docking Lights/Torpedo LauncherNeckA
72424E2424CDeck Panel U1-04Saucer 1A
72424F1224BDeck Panel U1-04Saucer 1B
72525E2425BDeck Panel U3-07Saucer 1A
72626E2426BDeck Panel U3-06Saucer 1A
82727F2425B/26BDeck Panel U3-07/U3-06Saucer 1A
82828F1228BDeck Panel U1-03Saucer 1B
82929H2429FNeck Ventral Windows LeftNeckA
82929I2432GLeft Neck Front WindowsNeckA
82929I2434FLeft Neck Rear WindowsNeckA
82929J2429BDeck Panel U3-15Saucer 2A
83030D2430BDeck Panel U3-16Saucer 2A
93131D--31DSaucer PCB 1Saucer 1-
93131E14PCBsSaucer PCB CableSaucer 1/2IN <-> IN/OUT
93232C2432BDeck Panel U1-07Saucer 2A
93333C2433B/55CDeck Panel U3-02/Right Saucer ImpulseSaucer 3A
93434G2434BDeck Panel U3-03Saucer 2A
93434G2439CRight Neck Front WindowsNeckA
93434G2441FRight Neck Rear WindowsNeckA
103535F2433B/34BDeck Panel U3-02/U3-03Saucer 2A
103636H2436FNeck Ventral Windows RightNeckA
103636H2436BDeck Panel U1-01Saucer 3A
103737C2437B/38BDeck Panel U3-13/U3-14Saucer 1A
103838C2438BDeck Panel U3-14Saucer 1A
113939F2429B/30BDeck Panel U3-15/U3-16Saucer 2A
114040H1240BDeck Panel U1-06Saucer 1B
114040I2440B/40CDeck Panel U1-06Saucer 1A
114141H2441BDeck Panel U3-04Saucer 2A
114242C2442BDeck Panel U3-05Saucer 2A
124343K2441B/42BDeck Panel U3-04/U3-05Saucer 2A
124444D2444B/CDeck Panel U1-02Saucer 2A
124545C--PCBsSaucer PCB 2Saucer 2-
124545D2445BDeck Panel U3-17Saucer 2A
124646F2446BDeck Panel U3-18Saucer 2A
124646G9255FPort Nacelle Light Strip--
134747F2445B/46BDeck Panel U3-17/U3-18Saucer 2A
134848E2448B/CDeck Panel U1-08Saucer 2A
134949F2449BDeck Panel U3-19Saucer 2A
135050E2450B/55EDeck Panel U3-20/Left Saucer ImpulseSaucer 2A
145151E1249BDeck Panel U3-19Saucer 2B
145252C2452BDeck Panel U1-09Saucer 2A
145353H1253BDeck Panel U3-01Saucer 3B
145454D1254ADeck Panel U3-01Saucer 3B
145454D1254BDeck Panel U3-01Saucer 3B
155555F-246GPort Nacelle Battery Box/Switch--
155757B--PCBsSaucer PCB 3Saucer 3-
155757F12PCBsSaucer PCB CableSaucer 2/3IN/OUT <-> IN/OUT
155757G-2-Saucer Power SwitchSaucer 1SW1
155858E1494FPort Saucer Formation LEDSaucer 1G/R
155858E1486FStarboard Saucer Formation LEDSaucer 1G/R
155858F14-Aft Port Saucer Formation LEDSaucer 1W (4-pin)
155858G12-Aft Starboard Saucer Formation LEDSaucer 1W (2-pin)
155858H1261FFront Saucer Formation LEDSaucer 1B
166060G2460BDeck Panel L2-06Saucer 1A
166060H1260BDeck Panel L2-06Saucer 1B
166161G--PCBsBattle Section PCBBattle Section-
166262C1257ALower Skeleton 4Saucer 2B
166262C1257ALower Skeleton 4Saucer 2B
166262C1258ALower Skeleton 5Saucer 2B
166262C1258ALower Skeleton 5Saucer 2B
166262D-2PCBsPower ConnectorSaucer 1IN1
176565E2465BDeck Panel L2-05Saucer 1A
176565E2465B/71ADeck Panel L2-05/Lower Skeleton 3Saucer 1A
186767E2467BDeck Panel L2-07Saucer 2A
186767E2467B/78BDeck Panel L2-07/L2-08Saucer 2A
197171E2471CBattle Section Left Rear WindowsBattle SectionA
197171F1271ALower Skeleton 3Saucer 2B
197373G2473BDeck Panel L2-04Saucer 2A
197373G2473CDeck Panel L2-04Saucer 2A
197373G2473B/CDeck Panel L2-04Saucer 2A
197474G2469ARear Deck Navigation LightsBattle SectionD
197474H2474FBattle Section Right Rear WindowsBattle SectionA
207676D1276ALower Skeleton 6Saucer 3B
207676D1276ALower Skeleton 6Saucer 3B
207777L2477KBattle Section Left Front WindowsBattle SectionA
207878G2478C/92BDeck Panel L2-08/L2-09Saucer 3A
207878G2478CDeck Panel L2-08Saucer 3A
207878H2478BDeck Panel L2-08Saucer 2A
217979G2479FBattle Section Right Front WindowsBattle SectionA
218181E1281ALower Skeleton 2Saucer 3B
218181E1281CBattle Section Top Middle WindowsBattle SectionC
228383D1257ALower Skeleton 4Saucer 2B
228383D1283ALower Skeleton 7Saucer 2B
228484G2484FBattle Section Left Middle WindowsBattle SectionA
228484H2484BDeck Panel L2-03Saucer 3A
228484H2484CDeck Panel L2-03Saucer 3A
228484I2484B/CDeck Panel L2-03Saucer 3A
228686H2484GBattle Section Right Middle WindowsBattle SectionA
238888G2488A/BDeck Panel L2-02Saucer 3A
238888H2488A/BDeck Panel L2-02Saucer 3A
249292H2492B/96BDeck Panel L2-09/L2-10Saucer 3A
249292I2492B/CDeck Panel L2-09Saucer 3A
249393G2493F/95DBattle Section Lower Front WindowsBattle SectionA
249393G2493F/98FBattle Section Lower Left WindowsBattle SectionA
259595J2495D/101FBattle Section Lower Right Front WindowsBattle SectionA
259696G2496B/CDeck Panel L2-10Saucer 3A
259696G2496C/107CDeck Panel L2-10/L2-11Saucer 3A
259898G2498F/101FBattle Section Lower WindowsBattle SectionA
269999C2499ALower Skeleton 1Saucer 3A
269999C2499ALower Skeleton 1Saucer 3A
269999D1299ALower Skeleton 1Saucer 3B
26101101H12101CDeck Panel L2-01Saucer 3B
26101101I24101BDeck Panel L2-01Saucer 3A
26101101I24101B/CDeck Panel L2-01Saucer 3A
26101101J4498F/101FBattle Section Lower WindowsBattle SectionA
26102102F-261GBattle Section Battery BoxBattle SectionC
27105105I24105ALower Skeleton 8Saucer 3A
27105105I24105ALower Skeleton 8Saucer 3A
27105105I24105A/107BLower Skeleton 8/Saucer 3A
28107107H14107CDeck Panel L2-11Saucer 3A
28107107I24107BDeck Panel L2-11Saucer 3A
28109109E92115CStarboard Nacelle Light Strip--
30115115C-2109EStarboard Nacelle Battery Box/Switch--
30117117A-262DPower Connector--

I hope this page helps explain how the electrics work in our Enterprise D partwork model. Any questions or comments, let me know!