During the build of this 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each stage. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

StageGeneral ContentsParts+ Single Windows= Running TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Deck Two, Main Bridge Module, Lights220221717
02Warp Engine Nacelle Upper100322239
03Battery Box, Deflector Dish14046948
04Deck Panels, Windows2475145856
05Deck Front Bases, Shuttlebay Door301481066
06Upper Skeleton 430151470
07Battle Section Rear Neck, Skeletal Supports70158676
08Upper Skeleton 550163682
09Upper Skeleton 3, Windows315181890
10Skeletal Supports, Windows415200898
11Upper Skeleton 2, Windows502058106
12Skeletal Supports, Windows6021112118
13Upper Skeleton 1, Main Impulse Engine302147125
14Upper Skeleton 6, Impulse Engine Light402187132
15Battle Section Skeleton 1, Skeletal Supports502238140
16Upper Skeleton 7, Shuttlebay 2/3 Doors302266146
17Upper Skeleton 8, Skeletal Supports, Battle Bridge, Deck 8 Base5023112158
18Deck Panel, Windows, Battle Section Panel A6202578166
19Deck Panel, Windows, Phaser Array, Battle Section Skeleton 2225433338204
20Deck Panel, Windows, Battery Box73537510214
21Deck Panel, Windows, Phaser Array11539115229
22Deck Panel, Windows, PCB, Docking Latches152943517246
23Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Battery Box Cover12345011257
24Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Left Neck Bracket161247814271
25Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Right Neck Bracket73051510281
26Deck Panel, Windows3305485286
27Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Battle Section Floor51056315301
28Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Left Ventral Neck Panel675765306
29Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers143062010316
30Deck Panel, Windows, Left Neck Panel4306543319
31Deck Panel, Windows, Left Neck Lights, Saucer PCB1306674323
32Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers676806329
33Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers976963332
34Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers11287358340
35Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Right Ventral Neck Panel7774916356
36Deck Panel, Windows, Transporter Pad, Docking Light91377111367
37Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Right Neck Panel10308115372
38Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers12298529381
39Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers121387723404
40Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers141290312416
41Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers103294511427
42Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Transporter Pad, Tractor Beam Emitters9319855432
43Deck Panel, Windows, Transporter Pads, Screw Covers, Tractor Beam Emitters913100710442
44Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers81410298450
45Deck Panel, Windows, Saucer PCB, Warp Field Reflectors1231107219469
46Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Nacelle Light Strip73211118477
47Deck Panel, Windows, Warp Field Reflectors613113010487
48Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Warp Field Reflectors814115211498
49Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Warp Field Reflectors122811922500
50Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers11712103503
51Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Nacelle Lower Frame75122214517
52Deck Panel, Windows, Nacelle Front Lower, EM Projector613124110527
53Deck Panel, Windows, Escape Pod Covers, Bussard Reflectors201112726533
54Reflectors, Windows, Escape Pod Covers3220132426559
55Deck Panel, Saucer Impulse Engines, Battery Box80133238597
56Dorsal Phaser Arrays, Formation Lights, Nacelle Lower90134124621
57Lower Skeleton 4, Lock, Saucer PCB 3/Cable110135218639
58Lower Skeleton 5, Lock, LEDs90136115654
59Deck Panel, Deflector Array Panes, Phaser Array8413738662
60Deck Panel, Windows, Battery Box Cover524140211673
61Deck Panel, Escape Pod Covers, Outer Frame, PCB22014249682
62Battle Section Upper Bracket, Rods120143610692
63Deck Panel, Bracket Rods7514486698
64Nacelle Pylon Skeleton, Pylon Panel4014522700
65Deck Panel, Pylon Panel51714746706
66Deck Panel, Pylon Panel125149110716
67Deck Panel, Pylon Panel51715136722
68Deck Panel, Pylon Panel21015348730
69Nacelle Bracket Upper Panel3015370730
70Deck Panel, Outer Frame, Battle Section Rear19815648738
71Lower Skeleton 3, Battle Section Lighting70157119757
72Deck Panel, Phaser Array172159011768
73Deck Panel, Battle Section Lighting728162511779
74Deck Panel, Outer Frame210164614793
75Deck Panel, Outer Frame, Battle Section Front15016616799
76Lower Skeleton 6, Battle Section Windows60166715814
77Deck Panel, Battle Section Lighting192168816830
78Deck Panel, Battle Section Lighting728172311841
79Deck Panel, Battle Section Lighting170174016857
80Deck Panel, Battle Section Middle15017556863
81Lower Skeleton 2, Window Panel60176116879
82Deck Panel, Battle Section Windows10017716885
83Lower Skeleton, LEDs60177715900
84Deck Panel, Lighting823180816916
85Deck Panel, Lighting15018236922
86Deck Panel, Lighting150183830952
87Deck Panel, Deflector Dish Outer94185110962
88Deck Panel, Lighting1123188516978
89Deck Panel, Battle Section Lower Bracket17019028986
90Deck Panel, Sliding Door1701919311017
91Deck Panel, Battle Section Front Panel100192961023
92Deck Panel, Lighting7231959101033
93Deck Panel, Lighting1401973101043
94Deck Panel, Lighting140198771050
95Deck Panel, Lighting1042001101060
96Deck Panel, Battle Section Lower Middle623203091069
97Deck Panel, Lighting130204361075
98Deck Panel, Lighting160205981083
99Lower Skeleton, Lighting902068161099
100Deck Panel, Lighting1214209481107
101Deck Panel, Lighting27262147201127
102Deck Panel, Lighting2102168241151
103Deck Panel, Cargo Loading Door210218951156
104Battle Section Lower Panel, Phaser Strips1202201211177
105Lower Skeleton , LEDs1702218161193
106Deck Panel, Phaser Array1814225081201
107Deck Panel, Nacelle Upper7262283101211
108Deck Panel, Nacelle Frame1702300181229
109Deck Panel, Lighting1402314101239
110Saucer Docking Panel104232861245
111Warp Field Grilles1942351201265
112Central Deck Panel612236961271
113Captain's Yacht, Nacelle Frame1502384171288
114Battery Box Panel, Bussard602390161304
115Nacelle Battery Box, Cover70239721306
116Nacelle Lower, Lock40240161312
117Saucer Battery Box, Lock60240771319
118Saucer Wedges, Covers70241401319
119Battery Box Panel10241581327
120Panel Cover, Decals60242101327

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  1. How do I receive a copy of build instructions, #12 in particular. Eaglemoss Did not include instruction guide for 43 thru 46.

      1. Unfortunately they are not allowing you to buy individual issues, you have to start your subscription again until you get to the issue you need.

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