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“Complete the outer ring of saucer deck panels before adding a light strip to your starboard warp nacelle.

NOTE: I will be presenting TWO different paths to build this Enterprise D partwork model. This is because after Stage 58, I completely tore my own model down and started on my Model Remodel journey. However, I have access to a second Enterprise D partwork that is being built in stock form, so I can show both methods here.

  • The normal BUILD section below will show the ‘stock’ way of installing the parts with any tips and tricks I find along the way.
  • The new MODEL REMODEL section will describe the changes I made during this stage including any painting, lighting, electronics, wiring, etc.



Materials: The Deck Panel L3-19 is metal and the other non-electrical parts are plastic.


Assembling Deck Panel L3-19

Step A

Carefully remove seven (7) Escape Pod Covers from their sprues and fit them into the back of Deck Panel L3-19, as shown.

As in Stage 61 with these outer lower panels, I shaved off the two tiny bumps on the top and bottom with my hobby knife. This allows them to seat a bit deeper and more uniformly. While not shown here, I still recommend using pieces of black electrical tape or aluminum tape to seal in these Escape Pod Cover to prevent light leak:

Fit the Escape Pod Cover Bracket to the back of Deck Panel L3-19 covering the Escape Pods as shown, then secure the Bracket into place with two (2) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Retrieve your Saucer assembly from the previous stage and place it upside down on a soft surface. Fit this Deck Panel L3-19 assembly next to the previously installed panel of the Lower Skeleton. Then, secure the inboard hole of this Deck Panel to the Lower Skeleton with one (1) FM screw and the two outboard holes of this Deck Panel with two (2) DP screws, as shown.

Be sure the Impulse Engine is properly captured between these Deck Panels as you do this:

As the edges of this Panel are two plastic parts squeezed together, you may want to add some light-blocking material to the seams:

If this Panel fitment is satisfactory, press the two pins of the Escape Pod Screw Cover into the matching holes at this location of the Panel.

This Screw Cover should be installed so the red line is closer to the edge of the saucer. However, you may want to wait until you are happy with the fitment of all of the lower saucer panels before hiding these screws. It may be difficult to remove these Screw Covers once installed:

Fitting the Starboard Nacelle Light Strip

Step B

NOTE: I reused some pictures from the assembly of my first warp nacelle here, so there may be slight differences in what is shown versus the step.

Retrieve your Starboard Nacelle assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Warp Engine Field Grill Rear to the back end of the Nacelle Upper, as shown:

Secure this Warp Engine Field Grill Rear into place with two (2) AP screws:

Fit the Nacelle Light Strip inside the nacelle with the wiring connections facing down and the two red/black wires to the rear, as shown.

TIP: If you want to test this Light Strip, you can temporarily connect it to a socket marked ‘B’ on the Saucer PCBs.

Route one of the rear LEDs on the short wires under the Upper Frame and into this hole of the Navigation Light, as shown.

I found that these LEDs will fit better if you trim off a bit of the heat-shrink tubing around the LED itself:

This LED should then be routed under the Nacelle Frame (yellow arrow) and then pressed into the hole, as shown:

To make room for the Reflector assembly, we need to gently bend the leads of this LED over, as shown:

The square LED at the rear of the Light Strip needs to rest in this matching recess of the Upper Frame – gently bend the leads to do so:

Secure the Light Strip to the Upper Frame with three (3) CP screws:

Finally, slot the Warp Engine Field Grill Reflector II (white) inside the Warp Engine Field Grill Reflector 1 (blue)…

… and place it within the Warp Engine Field Grill Rear, as shown:

That step ends this stage of the stock build. Below you will find the details on what I changed in this stage as part of my Model Remodel.

Model Remodel

Assembling Deck Panel L3-19

  • I processed this Deck Panel in the same way as I have been with my Model Remodel:
    • The Escape Pod Covers were sealed in from behind with aluminum tape
    • The joint along the saucer rim edge between the upper and lower saucer panels was sealed in with adhesive putty

Fitting the Starboard Nacelle Light Strip

I did not use the stock Nacelle Light Strip to light up my nacelles. Check out my dedicated Warp Nacelles page for more information.


Can you believe it? We have install the final saucer ring Deck Panel (and Escape Pods) to our Enterprise D. Only the Saucer Docking Panel and lower central panels remain and they only have a few windows. This build is getting more exciting again!

Next Up

Stage 110 – Saucer Docking Panel, Windows/Reflectors, Starboard Nacelle Grilles/Reflectors