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“Install the housing for the glowing main impulse engine, and see the dramatic curve of the saucer structure start to sweep back on itself.




Materials: The Impulse Engine parts are plastic and the Upper Skeleton 1 is metal.


Fitting the Main Impulse Engine

Step A

Retrieve your Battle Section Rear Neck assembly from the previous stage. Slide the Main Impulse Engine into place as shown:

Secure the Main Impulse Engine to the Battle Section Rear Neck assembly with three (3) DP screws:

Expanding the Upper Skeleton

Step B

Retrieve your Skeleton assembly from the previous stage and fit the Upper Skeleton 1 to this location on the right rear side of it:

Secure this Upper Skeleton 1 to the two Skeletal Supports below with four (4) BM screws.

When working with the skeleton frames, be gentle. They are metal, but can bend easily and cause warping of your saucer section. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


After the last stage, this one went really quick. We did not use the small white Main Impulse Engine Reflector I in this stage, but we will need it in the next one so keep it safe.

Next Up

Stage 14 – Upper Skeleton 6, Main Impulse Engine Reflectors/Light

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