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“As the upper saucer skeleton completes its loop, the second of the ship’s two bridge modules slots into place on deck 8.




Materials: The Upper Skeleton 8 and Skeletal Supports are metal, but the rest is plastic.


Introducing the Battle Bridge

Step A

Press the three pins of the Battle Bridge into the matching holes of the Deck 8 Base until flush, as shown:

Closing the Upper Skeleton

Step B

Retrieve your Skeleton assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Upper Skeleton 8 into this final gap of the Skeleton assembly.

When working with the skeleton frames, be gentle. They are metal, but can bend easily and cause warping of your saucer section:

Secure this part of the Skeleton in place using four (4) BM screws, as shown.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Turn the Skeleton assembly upside down and fit the larger Skeletal Support 8A to this location at the center rear, as shown:

Secure this support to the Skeleton assembly from the top side with four (4) BM screws:

Fit the smaller Skeletal Support 8B to this location just behind the previous support, as shown.

This support is very thin as the head of the battle section will end up fitting in this space:

Secure this support to the Skeleton assembly from the top side with four (4) more BM screws:


We made it – the saucer skeleton is finally finished! It is a big assembly too. And to think, the deck panels that we are going to mount to this stick out even farther, so this is not the full size of the saucer section yet. Keep this skeleton stored safely until we need it again later.

Next Up

Stage 18 – Deck Panel U1-05, Windows/Reflectors/LEDs, Battle Section Panel A

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