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“At the end of this short stage, you’ll have another light-up section of saucer ready to be added to the upper skeleton at a later date.




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this stage are plastic.


Assembling Deck Panel U3-16

Step A

Carefully remove sixteen (16) Clear Windows and fourteen (14) Dark Windows from their sprues and fit them into the back of Deck Panel U3-16, as shown.

Reminder: I sanded all of these windows down already. See The Windows page for more details:

As before, I used pieces of black electrical tape here to seal off the Escape Pod Covers and Dark Windows and reduce light leak. I also colored a few of the windows with my Yellow and Turquoise Brush Sharpies to add some variety:

Push the LED on the yellow/white wire of the Deck Panel Lights cable into this notch of the Reflector Panel, as shown:

Flip the Reflector Panel U3-16-A over and fit it onto posts on the back of this Deck Panel:

Secure the Reflector Panel to the Deck Panel with three (3) BP screws:

We can test these new window lights by connecting this Deck Panel Lights cable to the PCB and Battery Box.

This picture is with my studio lights turned off:


After the last few stages, this one flew by! We only built Deck Panel U3-16 and I have no idea when we will be attaching this to the saucer. We did receive the Left Neck Panel with this stage, however, we will not need it until a later stage. Keep these parts safe for now.

Next Up

Stage 31 – Deck Panel, Escape Pod Covers, Left Neck Front Lights, Saucer PCB 1/Cable (Coming Soon)

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