STAGES 61-70

This is just a page to group the stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Stage 61 – Deck Panel L3-10, Escape Pod Covers/Brackets, Outer Frame L4-09, Formation Light Lens, Battle Section PCB
  • Stage 62 – LED Brackets, Ventral LED, Power Connector, Battle Section Upper Bracket/Support Rods
  • Stage 63 – Deck Panel L1-05, Escape Pod Cover/Bracket, Windows/Reflectors, Bracket Support Rod
  • Stage 64 – Ventral Phaser Array, Nacelle Pylon Skeleton/Side Panel
  • Stage 65 – Deck Panel L2-05, Windows/Reflector/Lights, Port Nacelle Bracket Inner Panel
  • Stage 66 – Deck Panel L1-07, Windows/Reflectors, Escape Pod Cover/Bracket, Phaser Arrays, Port Nacelle Bracket Outer Panel
  • Stage 67 – Deck Panel L2-07, Windows/Reflector/Lights, Starboard Nacelle Bracket Inner Panel
  • Stage 68 – Deck Panel L3-09, Outer Frame L4-08, Escape Pod Covers, Reflector, Starboard Nacelle Bracket Outer Panel, Phaser Array
  • Stage 69 – Nacelle Bracket Upper Panel, Transporter Pads
  • Stage 70 – Deck Panel L3-11, Outer Frame L4-10, Escape Pod Covers, Reflector, Battle Section Rear, Supply Ports