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“In this stage, you will continue to build up the inner structure of your battle section and assembly a further section of the lower saucer.

NOTE: I will be presenting TWO different paths to build this Enterprise D partwork model. This is because after Stage 58, I completely tore my own model down and started on my Model Remodel journey. However, I have access to a second Enterprise D partwork that is being built in stock form, so I can show both methods here.

  • The normal BUILD section below will show the ‘stock’ way of installing the parts with any tips and tricks I find along the way.
  • The new MODEL REMODEL section will describe the changes I made during this stage including any painting, lighting, electronics, wiring, etc.



Materials: The Deck Panel and Bracket Support Rods are metal, and the rest of these parts are plastic.

Magazine – Issue 17

  • Assembly Instructions: Building the Model
  • Episode Guide 4.1: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II
  • Episode Guide 4.2: Family
  • Episode Guide 4.3: Brothers
  • Episode Guide 4.4: Suddenly Human
  • Episode Guide 4.5: Remember Me
  • Episode Guide 4.6: Legacy


Fitting the Bracket Support Rods

Step A

Retrieve your Battle Section Upper Bracket assembly from the previous stage. Fit the two keyed Bracket Support Rods into these matching holes of the Bracket, as shown:

Secure these Bracket Support Rods into place from the other side with two (2) BM screws, one for each rod:

Assembling Deck Panel L1-05

Step B

Carefully remove two (2) Clear Windows and three (3) Dark Windows from their sprues and fit them into the back of Deck Panel L1-05.

These long Windows have a slanted end, as seen here:

For these Windows to sit flush correctly, the slanted ends should be towards the wider end of the Deck Panel, as shown:

With the red line of the Escape Pod Cover facing the wider end of the Deck Panel, fit the Cover into place, as shown.

While not shown here, I still recommend using pieces of black electrical tape or aluminum tape to seal in the Dark Windows and the Escape Pod Cover to prevent light leak:

Next, fit Reflector AR and Reflector BR onto the back of Deck Panel L1-05, covering the windows and aligning the screw holes as shown:

Secure these Reflectors into place with two (2) AM screws, one for each Reflector.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Finally, fit the Escape Pod Cover Bracket onto the back of Deck Panel L1-05 covering the Escape Pod as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) more AM screws:

That step ends this stage of the stock build. Below you will find the details on what I changed in this stage as part of my Model Remodel.

Model Remodel

Fitting the Bracket Support Rods

These steps were completed normally per the magazine instructions.

Assembling Deck Panel L1-05

I processed this Deck Panel in the same way as I have been with my Model Remodel:

Here is the result of our Model Remodel changes in this stage:


We are approaching the part of the build where we can start adding decking panels to our stardrive/battle section! This is important to me as I need to know how much room we will have inside for my custom electronics. However for all builders, I think it is going to give us a new sense of scale for how big this model it going to be!

Next Up

Stage 64 – Ventral Phaser Array, Nacelle Pylon Skeleton/Side Panel

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