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“Get to grips with the section-spanning nacelle pylon skeleton before completing the deck panel you begin in the previous stage.

NOTE: I will be presenting TWO different paths to build this Enterprise D partwork model. This is because after Stage 58, I completely tore my own model down and started on my Model Remodel journey. However, I have access to a second Enterprise D partwork that is being built in stock form, so I can show both methods here.

  • The normal BUILD section below will show the ‘stock’ way of installing the parts with any tips and tricks I find along the way.
  • The new MODEL REMODEL section will describe the changes I made during this stage including any painting, lighting, electronics, wiring, etc.



Materials: This Nacelle Pylon Skeleton is metal and the other parts are plastic.


Fitting the Side Panels

Step A

Push the pins of the Nacelle Pylon Side Panels into these matching holes on the right inboard side of the Nacelle Pylon Skeleton.

Make sure these are aligned into the recesses with the flat edge of the Side Panels facing up, as shown:

IMPORTANT: This Nacelle Pylon Skeleton is what both supports, and controls the alignment of, the Warp Nacelles. It is critical to ensure the base section is nice and flat and the uprights are straight and square. If needed, gently bend the Skeleton correct any misalignments.

Adding the Phaser Array Section

Step B

Retrieve your Deck Panel L1-05 assembly from the previous stage. Fit the posts of the Ventral Phaser Array L05 into the Panel, as shown:

Secure this Phaser Array into place from the other side with two (2) CP screws:

That step ends this stage of the stock build. Below you will find the details on what I changed in this stage as part of my Model Remodel.

Model Remodel

This stage had no Model Remodel modifications. However, this is what our modified Deck Panel L1-05 looks like with the Phaser Array added:


It is interesting that we needed to install these Side Panels into the Nacelle Pylon Skeleton at all. The other (left/port) side has them molded into the metal already. These ‘tabs’ are what the Nacelles will latch onto to hold them in place. Perhaps it was a necessity based on how the diecast metal was manufactured.

Next Up

Stage 65 – Deck Panel L2-05, Windows/Reflector/Lights, Port Nacelle Bracket Inner Panel

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