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“Assemble and fit a spring-loaded section of the port nacelle pylon before constructing the next deck panel for the lower saucer.

NOTE: I will be presenting TWO different paths to build this Enterprise D partwork model. This is because after Stage 58, I completely tore my own model down and started on my Model Remodel journey. However, I have access to a second Enterprise D partwork that is being built in stock form, so I can show both methods here.

  • The normal BUILD section below will show the ‘stock’ way of installing the parts with any tips and tricks I find along the way.
  • The new MODEL REMODEL section will describe the changes I made during this stage including any painting, lighting, electronics, wiring, etc.



Materials: The Deck Panel L1-07 is metal, but the rest of the parts in this stage are plastic.


Installing the Lateral Phaser Array

Step A

Slide the two Springs onto these pins of the Lateral Phaser Array:

Fit the Lateral Phaser Array into this matching slot of the Nacelle Bracket Port Side Outer Panel, as shown:

Fitting the Nacelle Bracket Panels

Step B

Retrieve your Nacelle Pylon Skeleton assembly from Stage 64. Fit the Nacelle Bracket Port Side Outer Panel assembly to the outside surface of the left upright section, noting how the Springs fit through the two holes marked below:

Retrieve your Nacelle Bracket Port Side Inner Panel from the previous stage. Fit this Bracket to the inside surface of the left upright section, aligning the parts together as shown.

I found it easier to first remove the Outer Panel assembly before installing this Inner Panel. This is because, on my model, these two posts of the Inner Panel needed a bit of pressure to push through the Skeleton, as shown:

Then, I could easily reinstall the Outer Panel assembly – be sure the two Springs behind the Phaser Array are still in place. I turned the entire Skeleton assembly upside down for better visibility in this picture:

Begin securing these Panels to each other with two (2) BP screws from the inside surface:

Finish securing these Panels with two (2) BP screws from the outside surface.

Don’t worry if these Panels feel slightly loose at this point, especially at the lower joint – they will be further secured later on:

Press the two Screw Covers into the screw holes of the Inner Panel until flush, as shown.

As always on my model builds, I wait on installing push flush Covers like these until the very end just in case we need to get to these screws later on. However, this is what one of them looks like ‘almost’ installed. The choice is up to you:

Assembling Deck Panel L1-07

Step C

Carefully remove two (2) Clear Windows and three (3) Dark Windows from their sprues. Fit them, and the loose Escape Pod Cover, into the back of Deck Panel L1-07 as shown.

Remember, the red line on the Escape Pod Cover should be closer to the wide end of the Deck Panel. While not shown here, I still recommend using pieces of black electrical tape or aluminum tape to seal in the Dark Windows and Escape Pod Cover to prevent light leak:

Next, fit Reflector AL and Reflector BL onto the back of Deck Panel L1-07 as shown, and secure them into place with two (2) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Then, fit the Escape Pod Cover Bracket onto the back of Deck Panel L1-07 covering the Escape Pod as shown, and secure the Bracket into place with two (2) more AM screws:

Fit the posts of the Ventral Phaser Array L07 into the matching holes on the front of this Panel, as shown:

Secure the Phaser Array into place from the other side with two (2) CP screws:

That step ends this stage of the stock build. Below you will find the details on what I changed in this stage as part of my Model Remodel.

Model Remodel

Fitting the Nacelle Bracket Panels

As I modified my Warp Nacelles to be powered from the main ship, it was time to make adjustments to our Nacelle Pylon Structure before the Bracket Panels in this stage could be fitted. To create a path through the pylons to the center, I first created a rounded notch at this left-side location in the upper outer edge of the Pylon Structure using a Dremel sanding wheel and a metal file. I made this notch slightly longer than the width of the ribbon cable I have coming out of my Warp Nacelles. We do not want this notch to be too deep that it goes through the Skeleton – just enough that the wires fit:

Next, where the pylon curves towards the center, I sanded/filed another similar notch into the bottom of the thick bar at this location. Again, we do not want to go all the way through the Skeleton, just enough to make room for the wiring:

Then, I repeated this process to make the same notches on the right side of the Nacelle Pylon Skeleton:

With only the Inner Panel fitted, I slowly lowered my port Warp Nacelle onto the Nacelle Pylon Structure until it clicked into place and made sure the wires followed along my notches with minimal slack:

To make things easier when fitting the Outer Panel, I installed the Springs and Lateral Phaser Array right into the Pylon Skeleton here:

When I was happy with the fitment, I could secure the two Panel Brackets of this stage into place. I did not install the two Screw Covers in this stage as I might need to take this assembly apart again later on:

Going in a bit closer, you can see how my ribbon cable passes through the Bracket Panels and under the Skeleton without affecting the panel fitment:

Assembling Deck Panel L1-07

I processed this Deck Panel in the same way as I have been with my Model Remodel:

Here is the result of our Model Remodel changes in this stage:


We will be building a bunch of Deck Panel groups just like this as we move around the lower saucer towards the aft/rear end. For the most part, they will be assembled in much the same way. With regards to my Model Remodel version, we now have to work on the Nacelle Pylon Structure assembly with a Nacelle attached – it just needs more delicate handling.

Next Up

Stage 67 – Deck Panel L2-07, Windows/Reflector/Lights, Starboard Nacelle Bracket Inner Panel (Coming Soon)

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