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Early Subscriber Gift

I originally subscribed to this Eaglemoss 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1071-D partwork back in March 2019 when it was first announced. However, Eaglemoss ended up putting the build on hold to redesign the model. Early feedback from fans showed serious concern about the lack of windows around the saucer’s rim, the colors in the deflector dish, and many other incorrect/missing details. For example,  this image is a comparison of the 2019 version and the new version that would eventually be released in 2021:

Almost two years after subscribing, I received an email from Eaglemoss reminding me that my subscription was still alive and the new Enterprise would be released soon. They also told us that the price of each stage would be increasing by $2.00 to cover the additional production costs. However, as a thank you for being an early subscriber, they sent this free mug with my first shipment.

This is actually a really nice mug. It is two-layer vacuum insulated, made of metal, and includes these silk-screened color graphics. While I don’t build these large-scale models for the gifts, this one will actually get some use. This mug is in addition to the following free gifts we should receive as the build moves along:

  • Collector’s Binder
  • Screw Box
  • Enterprise T-Shirt
  • Display Stand

3-in-One Oil

If you are building any of the die-cast metal large scale models out there, you are probably familiar with the pain around driving screws into metal parts. In my experience, some of these screws have a tendency to bind up, strip threads, or simply snap off. Not only does it cause frustration, but it could cause a long delay in your build waiting for replacement parts.

For a while now, I have read about other builders that were using a little oil on their metal screw threads to help reduce the risk of damage and the effort needed to seat these screws fully. Up until this point, I had taken my time to carefully pre-thread metal screws, but it turns out they were on to something. I recently picked up some 3-in-One Multi-Purpose Oil (from the WD-40 Company) and it has changed everything!

I simply dip the tip of each metal screw into a tiny drop of this stuff and they go right in and without any drama. I should have done this sooner! If putting a little oil on the end of a metal screw is not feasible, you can also use a toothpick or other small tool to apply the oil directly into a screw hole before installing the screw.

I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of this oil (or other similar lubricant). It will surely save you time and headache!

Shop is Open!

I have had many visitors ask about the tools and supplies that I use to build my partworks, so I have created a ‘Shop‘ over at my main build site with Amazon links to most of the items I have used along the way. All proceeds go towards supporting my site costs, not for profit. I hope you all find this helpful!

If you want to build this specific partwork, check out the Eaglemoss 1:8 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D ordering page!