9 thoughts on “Eaglemoss BANKRUPT!”

  1. When that prebuilt Enterprise-D model from Chronicle Collectables went belly-up in October 2020, I was disappointed — but at least got an immediate full refund. After that happened, I decided to go with the next best thing: this gigantic Eaglemoss Enterprise-D parts kit. Here we go again with another bankrupt company — only this time the money is gone and I’ve got a nice-looking half finished 1701-D gathering dust on my workbench. These are dark times, and I fear it will only get worse as the Biden economy keeps tanking.

    1. Are you aware that Eaglemoss isn’t an American company? They’re based in the UK, and owned by a joint English and French capital holdings company.

      Nothing to do with American politics or economy, get out of here with your political hockey.

  2. While I appreciate all viewpoints, the issues with Eaglemoss involve much more than US politics. Let’s keep this on topic.

  3. look, it’s the same old story. Someone or body’s needed the cash we provided for them.

  4. I signed up for both the Enterprise, which I’m 1 year into and the new Titanic. I guess I’ll stick with a high priced sail boats, full kit, one time payment.

  5. Well, I have gotten kit’s 1-28 and 30-43. Anyone want to part with #29? Has anyone gotten all the stages?

  6. Good to know!!! So, anyone wanna help a fella out with # 29??? I’m willing to pay well for it.

  7. Thanks for the comments. So if there’s someone that has #29 I’d pay well for it. I’d like to at least finish up to #43, what I have at the moment.

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