Free Gift #4

If you signed up for the subscription-based version of the Eaglemoss 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D partwork build-up, you were supposed to receive four FREE gifts along the way. The first three gifts were a Collector’s Binder, a Screw Box, and a T-Shirt. Our final free gift is this Display Stand.

The Display Stand arrives in a huge triangular shipping box and contains a basic aluminum folding tripod and a paper cover:

The Tripod

NOTE: All measurements listed on this page are approximate.

The upper end of this tripod has a 50 mm (2″) long solid aluminum rod riveted into place. The upper 48mm of this rod has been machined into a 15 mm x 15 mm square. This is the section that fits up into a matching hole on the underside of the Battle Section to support the model:

To extend the legs of the tripod, there is a thumb screw that needs to be loosened. Once the legs are in the position you desire, the thumb screw should be tightened back up:

With the tripod set at full height, it is about 790 mm (31″) tall:

When set to the shortest height, the tripod is about 560 mm (22″) tall and 470 mm (18.5″) wide across the legs:

The Cover

The included cover is made out of tri-fold color-printed cardstock and requires assembly. There is a adhesive strip on one edge and the backing paper needs to be removed:

With the adhesive strip exposed, the cover can be folded into a pyramid shape and secured together. This cover ‘pyramid’ ends up being 718 mm (28.25″) wide and 355mm (14″) tall:

The cover then slides down over the vertical rod of the tripod. The legs of the tripod can then be adjusted to match the shape of the cover:

With the tripod set to match the width of the cover (at a height of about 635 mm or 25″), here is the final product:


I think this Display Stand is terrible. I usually find the positive qualities in things, but there are just too many negatives:

  • It is obnoxiously large
    • I would need a shelf/table at least two feet deep to use it
    • It is too tall – I do not want my expensive Enterprise model hovering two feet off the surface
  • The graphics on the cover panels are about as basic as they can be
  • The cover itself is just paper and will easily become damaged and/or degrade over time
  • The square tip cannot be rotated to position the ship on the base – this also limits where the stand can be used

Now, I can understand if a large base is needed to support the model. The saucer end of our Enterprise D will be heavier than the stardrive end. Even the studio models had this problem. However, there are so many other ways this base could have been designed with that limitation in mind. This Display Stand feels cheap and rushed, even as a free gift. It is too bad that Eaglemoss could not have expanded on the stand they are still advertising as coming with the UK subscriptions:

All I know is that this Display Stand will never be used and will likely end up in the trash. Now that I know the mounting tip dimension, I will be creating my own custom display stand. I apologize for the rant and want to thank you all for visiting!

2 thoughts on “Free Gift #4”

  1. Hi MarvelPhx,
    I completely agree with you.
    It is a disgrace the display support we have been “gifted”.
    Eaglemoss really doesn’t miss any opportunity to make make your customers feel ripped off.
    After all the problems with deliveries, design flaws, the time and money we have to spend to make the final model acceptable, after all that they deliver us this monstrosity. There are no words.
    At least in USA I understand that it has the possibility of a deluxe display stand that in Europe, according to Eaglemoss, will not be available.
    A couple of days ago Customer Care sent me an email with my annual renewal details (I don’t want to put anything regarding the problems I had paying for a year in advance) and in it was a link to a survey to rate the Customer Care service.
    I took the survey and the third question was: “Would I recommend Eaglemoss to a family member or friend”, obviously my answer was NO.
    I don’t want to end this comment without congratulating you on the excellent work you are doing with Enterprise.

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