Model Remodel – Part One

Since we are held up by another shipping delay, it seems like a good time in my Eaglemoss 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D partwork adventure to do a few serious modifications. To document this, I have created a new Model Remodel series of articles around my journey to add more details, realism, and accuracy to my model. Fair warning though, I am going crazy with this one – including everything from resin windows to new lighting and sound effects!

IMPORTANT: Even though I am taking my build in an entirely different direction, I want to let everyone know that I will still be showing how to build the model in its stock form. I am actually building two separate Eaglemoss Enterprise D models at the same time, so I will continue on with my customized build using the same blue cutting mat background as before, while the standard build will use a new green cutting mat background. I will also divide the stage articles in two sections, so hopefully these differences will allow my amazing visitors to follow the build method they choose on their own builds.

On to the Remodel!