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DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt any of these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Fanhome, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.

Before we could close up the Battle Section skeleton in Stage 90 of our 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, I needed to get all of my Model Remodel stardrive electronics installed. This includes the second Arduino, both Bluetooth transceivers, and the three MOSFET boards to control the window/bussard/grilles lighting.

The first step in this process was to design and 3D print a mount to hold the components.

Battle Section Electronics Mount

As with all my 3D designs, it all begins with a simple drawing on a piece of paper. This was laid inside the Battle Section Upper Bracket to get the general shape and play with the layout of the various components. Typical of my drawings, I spilled water on it!

From this drawing, I used Autodesk Fusion 360 to create the basic outline shape as a flat 1.5mm thick plate to make sure it would actually fit inside the Upper Bracket. This was then quickly 3D-printed in grey PLA on my AnyCubic Kobra 2 Pro. Using this FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) method allowed me to quickly prototype the part. As this plate fit nicely inside the Battle Section, I marked the location of the original Battle Section PCB holes at the edge with a marker:

The screw holes were then included (at a 25mm square) and I added some upright tabs to keep the Bluetooth transceivers in place:

For the next iteration, I added the standoffs for the Arduino Nano and the three MOSFET boards. These components were also test-fitted to the proper locations along the way:

As everything was fitting as expected, I went and added some text details to indicate the location of each part. Unfortunately, I also turned the ‘ironing’ feature on for this print and the Kobra decided to smear everything. No big deal, this is just the final test part:

After a few final tweaks, I made the final print using my AnyCubic Mono 4K UV Resin printer. As it has much higher resolution than the Kobra, the details stand out much better and everything looks pretty good:

UPDATE: I did make one final adjustment to this mount whereby I moved the center MOSFET support to the inner edge so I would have more room for the Nano wiring. You can also see how the tabs hold the DSD Tech Bluetooth transceivers in place:

With this mount completed, I could move on to actually installing the components and wiring up the Battle Section!

If you want to print your own version of my mount, here is my STL file!

If you do not have a 3D printer, I also added this model to a Shapeways shop I created so you can have it printed for you. These are at zero markup as I have no intention of profiting from it.

Next Up

BATTLE SECTION PT. 2 – Wiring up the components!

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