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DISCLAIMER: If you choose to attempt any of these modifications, you assume all risks thereof. I just wanted to share my experiences here. Neither Fanhome, nor myself, are responsible for any damages that may occur.

I was asked if I could put a parts list together for everything I am using to remodel my 1:900 scale Enterprise D partwork build, so here we go. This list will change over time as I work through the modifications, so I will do my best to keep it up to date:






3D Prints

If you plan to 3D print the custom electronics mounts I have designed, you will need some kind of 3D printer or have access to one.


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 DISASSEMBLY– Tearing the upper Saucer section down

6 thoughts on “PARTS LIST”

  1. I was looking into doing this build and noticed the 26AWG RGB ribbon cable is unavailable at the moment. I see plenty of 22AWG available. Is there any concerns about using it in place of the 26AWG? Or would mixing different gauge sizes have issues?

    1. Any reasonable 4-wire cable would work as it does not have to carry a lot of current, however 22AWG is thicker and may not fit inside the hull as well.

      1. I ended up getting multiple colors of single 26awg tinned copper wire, figured I could use some heat shrink tubing in places where space allows to bind them together so its not so messy. Fingers crossed it wont cause any problems

  2. What have you decided for the power supply? What’s a good one I can use for testing purposes while going through the build? Thanks.

    1. I will use an AC/DC wall adapter with 5VDC regulated output, but amperage is not known just yet. I am guessing about 5A, but this could change.

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