Stages 31+ Delayed

I won’t be receiving Issue 9 of my Eaglemoss 1:900 scale U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D build this month. Apparently, the final Free Gift (the Display Stand) is on backorder with no ETA. Since Eaglemoss can not or will not skip it, my deliveries are now on hold. The wait begins…

UPDATE July 30, 2021: Eaglemoss Collections Customer Service USA posted this on Facebook. We shall see if my next issues ship soon.

I have a quick update on the hot topic of “out of stock” items, it has been agreed with the subscription team that if any “free gifts and platinum items” are out of stock these should not hold up the collection.

So moving forward we will provide an IOU note in your shipment, when the item should be included and once back in stock we will automatically ship it at a later point. This will only be for free gifts and platinum items, when we don’t have a future delivery date or a delivery has been delay which is out of our control.

We have started the printing process and from next week any customer affected will see shipments moving again and will receive the IOU notes.

Apologizes for any delays you may have experienced and thank you all for your feedback.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead

Kind regards,
Head of Customer Services.

UPDATE August 28, 2021: According to Eaglemoss, my next shipment should ship in a few days. We shall see!

UPDATE September 10, 2021: It was not true, I am still being held up by the Display Base free gift being out of stock. Apparently, Eaglemoss can’t just print up an IOU and ship my issues. I did notice that customers who upgraded their subscriptions to the Premium Display Base (with the lighting) are not being held up and are now two months or more ahead of me.

UPDATE September 26, 2021: We are still waiting on the Display Base or an IOU for the same…

UPDATE October 1, 2021: I received a shipping notification for Stages 31-34! Although, it does not include the Display Base.

UPDATE October 14, 2021: I did receive Stages 31-34 earlier and Stages 35-38 just arrived. To my surprise, Stages 39-42 are also on their way. Now I just need to find time to get caught up!

10 thoughts on “Stages 31+ Delayed”

  1. I called them for an update yesterday and was told they have been receiving shipments daily on the Display Stand. We should see shipments soon. 😉

  2. I have not gotten a shipment since mid-July and I am only on issue 10. I call every couple of weeks to get an update and first it was the stupid shirt holding things up and now they just don’t have one of the issues. Two and a half months is a long time to wait and I am starting to lose interest and very disappointed.

    1. Delays here and there are not uncommon with these partwork builds, however the global shipping delays are higher than they have ever been right now. It is hard to blame Eaglemoss this time around.

    2. I was hung up waiting for 7-10 for a while, but the next batch is also delayed too? Yet they’re all about trying to ship me those shuttles no matter how many times I say I don’t want them.

      On the one hand, I’m glad I just received my issues 1-2 for the Jeep build, as I’ll at least have SOMETHING coming in. But will it just mean delays on two separate subscriptions?

      1. Shipping delays are affected everyone, not just Eaglemoss. I’ve been waiting for a display case for my models to be delivered since March.

  3. I am just frustrated that they don’t communicate these things and then I have to call. Looking through comments here I see that some news about delays has appeared on Twitter and Facebook but I don’t have a Twitter account and actively avoid Facebook like the plague. A simple email would suffice, but apparently that is too much to ask.

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