Stages 59+ Delayed

After building two issues back-to-back of our Enterprise partwork model, we have run into another delay here in the US. Here is the notice posted today by Eaglemoss Customer Service USA on Facebook:

Good afternoon,
Today I am focusing on the status of the Enterprise-D build stock levels
There is no stock available for the following stages as of this morning:
stages 19/20/26/44/52/58/59/60/61/62/65
(Please keep in mind that stock levels change throughout the day)
If you next shipment includes any of the above stages/mags than I am sorry to say that we will not be able to dispatch until the stock is available.
Once I have an ETA on when we can expect fresh stock for these issues to reach US soil I will update this post.
Once these stages are in the system, your shipments will resume as normal. If you are not waiting on the above stages and have not received a parcel for some time this may be due to a “free” item being out of stock.
We advise that there is at least a minimum of 14-day difference from port to warehouse and once on site the stock will be booked into our system.
Kind regards,
P.S. any dates provided are subject to change

UPDATE March 30, 2022: A general update from the Eaglemoss Customer Service USA page on Facebook:

You may all be wondering why I have not been posting of late stock updates for our active collections.
We are in the process of transitioning to our new warehouse. Right now, we are not going to be able to give you accurate stock information or guaranteed shipment dates.
While we are working to restock our merchandise as quickly as possible, we are also preparing for the move. Some of our restocked merchandise is being delivered to the new warehouse in preparation.
We may show an out-of-stock pop up for you right now when you call in. Until our move is complete the inventory counts and availability is only showing for one of the warehouse locations. This means anything is in stock at the new warehouse is not going to show as available to our agents until the move is complete.
While we are starting with the oldest collections stock levels are changing so much giving a clear figures now would be confusing and misleading.
Stay tuned for more updates soon

UPDATE May 9, 2022: I have finally received a shipping notification for Stages 59-62!

UPDATE May 13, 2022: Stages 59-62 have arrived safely!

UPDATE June 14, 2022: While waiting for more parts to arrive, I took a couple months to entirely remodel my Enterprise D. During this time, I was receiving shipments very regularly. Even today, I received Issue 21 with Stages 79-82. I am excited that Eaglemoss seems to have sorted out their stock issues in the US. Therefore, work will resume on the model very shortly!

UPDATE July 12, 2022: Today, Eaglemoss Limited (parent company of Eaglemoss US supplying this model) has filed for bankruptcy.

4 thoughts on “Stages 59+ Delayed”

    1. I have received Stages 59-74 with 75-78 on the way. However, I needed to finish up the electronics inside the saucer before I could move on. This is now complete, so I will be building the next stages very soon!

  1. I have been following the eaglemoss troubles. Is there any information if we are going to get the rest of the stages to finish the Enterprise-D?

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